Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Apple is developing an electronic ring full of biosensors

A patent filing reveals that Apple is developing a ring computing device. Worn on the finger, the gizmo is expected to house technology that includes biometric sensors for monitoring cardiac rhythm and perspiration.

"These sensors may be used to collect biometric data of the user, such as heart rate, temperature, motion, cardiac rhythm, perspiration and galvanic skin response, and this information may be collected and displayed by the ring computing device and/or a paired electronic device so that the user may monitor his or her health, fitness, activity or caloric energy expended," the patent application states.

The biometric data could have not just healthcare, but security applications, the application says: "In some embodiments, the collected biometric data is used to authenticate the user by comparing the collected data against a database of data signatures known for the user. Some or all of the collected biometric data may be shared with other users, personal trainers, health professionals, or other parties. In some embodiments, the ring computing device transmits the pulse of the user to another user also wearing a ring computing device, which informs the other user of the first user's pulse via visual (e.g. animation of a heart pumping) or haptic feedback."

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