Friday, 23 October 2015

Pros and cons for technology in care homes

On the 30th of September Telehealth and Care Technologies (TaCT) held a Special Interest Group (SIG) at Kenwood Hall in Sheffield. One of the aims of the day was to raise awareness of the research going on around the use of technology in care homes. A further aim was to start a dialogue with a range of stakeholders about the pros and cons for technology and the importance of research in identifying and developing new ways of delivering care through the use of technology. Attendees included care home managers, health care professionals, commissioners and researchers. 

Presentations were given by Dr Steven Ariss, who discussed the research being undertaken around the Enhanced Community Palliative Support Services (EnComPaSS) project; Dr Sarah Smith presented on the Computer Interactive Reminiscence & Conversation Aid (CIRCA) and Living in the Moment (LIM) these look at the use of technology for communication and leisure in care homes; Professor Pam Enderby on the Electronic Recording in Care (ERiC) project and Rachel Binks presented the work Airedale have been doing on using videoconferencing in care homes. These were then followed by a debate and the opportunity to network. 

If anyone like a copy of any outputs from the event, please contact:

Written by Louise Newbould 


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