Wednesday, 21 October 2015

MOO-Q app challenge! Test your brain power

At the Centre for AssistiveTechnology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH), we are always excited to take a look at new apps that can help people understand and manage their heath better. We have heard about one such app called moo-Q. We would love to hear what you think about the app – we will take the moo-Q challenge in CATCH, not that we are competitive or anything J
What is moo-Q

Moo-Q is a scientific iphone application that monitors your mood and brainpower.

It records your positive and negative affect, and how well you do in processing speed, short-term memory and working memory. After completing the app 5 times, you receive feedback on your performance in a personalized chart -your moo-Q. Moo-Q is a research app, funded by the British Academy and supported by the Hungry Mind Lab at Goldsmiths, University of London The app was created by, a small start-up that specialises in assessment technology software solutions.

You could get moo-Q if you want to?
1. Learn from your moo-Q when your brain works best and use this info to your advantage
2. Train your brain, especially memory and processing speed
3. Help research: what's the relationship between mood and brainpower
4. Win the moo-Q challenge and get a cash prize

What is the moo-Q challenge?
Visit for more info on the moo-Q challenge and prizes that you can win, if you beat Dr von Stumm (developer of the app) in the brain tests - short-term memory, processing speed, and working memory?

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