Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Barnsley Assistive Technology Team Shortlisted for Innovation Award

The Barnsley Hospital Assistive Technology Team have been shortlisted for an award in the Digital Health category of the Medipex NHS Innovation Awards and Showcase 2015. The team were nominated for their work in creating a communication aid app.
The Assistive Technology Team are creating a ‘Communication Toolbox’ to help with communication for patients acute care settings. The aim of the app is to produce a communication aid to help people communicate who are in intensive care (ITU) and are unable to talk.
Patients in ITU are often intubated (have a breathing tube) at some point during their stay, leaving them temporarily unable to speak. As medicine and technology advances, patients are sedated at a lesser lever than previously, making patients more aware of their experience of ITU and yet unable to effectively communicate.
The 2015 Medipex Innovation Awards have focused on applications that are cost effective, creative, promote safe healthcare, prevent premature deaths, enhance the lives of people with long term conditions or can make a contribution to economic growth.
The Barnsley Assistive Technology Team are developing the app with Imperial College and the Royal College of Art in London and the innovation was entered into the GP and Primary Care category of the Medipex awards.
Simon Judge, Senior Clinical Scientist at Barnsley Hospital, said: “If successful, the award would support us in the development of our innovation and the next stage of its evaluation and design.
“Improved communication will ultimately lead to better care and improved wellbeing of patients. It will also improve the effectiveness and efficiency of care, reduce the frustration and challenges staff have in communicating with patients and benefit families during difficult times.”
The winners from each category of the Medipex NHS Innovation Awards will be announced during a ceremony on 8 October. The winner of each category will be presented with a cheque and trophy.
 Article taken (with permission) from Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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