Monday, 3 August 2015

Two of our talented PhD students graduated this month!

In her research, Sarah Hargreaves examined the relationship between people's health state and their activity - concentrating on people with Heart Failure. Her research considered whether monitoring activity in the home (known as lifestyle monitoring or telecare lifestyle monitoring) could be used to track the state of someone's health and thus potentially spot problems with deteriorating health earlier. Her thesis gave recommendations on which activities should be monitored in order to best track health state.

Kiera Bartlett examined which psychological behavioural change techniques were most effective in changing health-related behaviours. She went on to look at how behaviourial change techniques and persuasive technology principles could be incorporated into a mobile app designed to help people with a serious lung condition (COPD) be more physically active. She went on to test whether the app worked in practice and considered ways of improving the design of the app. These improvements are now being implemented in a working system which will be tested with more people with COPD.

Congratulations to Dr Hargreaves and Dr Bartlett on their graduation!

Dr Bartlett (left), Dr Hargreaves (right).

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