Monday, 27 July 2015

Design4Health: "Old Wine, New Bottles"

Prof Gail Mountain presented at the Design4Health Conference on Tuesday 14th July, 2015.

Presentation entitled "Old Wine in New Bottles". 

Is design for health innovative? The Victorians demonstrated significant understanding of design for health – so when did we lose our way? 
This presentation reflected upon the distance traveled in the collaborations between design and health, the demands and the rewards, and debate where we are heading.

Professor Mountain delivered an excellent and thought provoking keynote presentation at Design4Health. Attendees said they were really pleased that she was able to join them and enjoyed the chance to reflect on how things have changed in design and health over the last few years.

Also attending the conference was Sarah Smizz. Sarah Smizz has many talents and works in different capacities. One of which is as an Illustrative Mapping Artist. She live draws some of the world's creative and social entrepreneurs. At this event, Sarah drew her interpretation of each of the talks. Below is her interpretation of Professor Mountain's presentation.

Sarah Smizz's excellent interpretation of Professor Mountains talk.

You can find out more about Sarah by clicking here.

You can view Professor Mountain's presentation by clicking here.

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