Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Samsung, Medtronic partner on diabetes monitoring apps

Samsung Electronics and Medtronic are teaming up to develop mobile apps to provide insight and access on diabetes data, including glucose monitoring information, for Medtronic's MiniMed Connect. The MiniMed Connect device offers providers faster and easier access to patient insulin pump and glucose data in a mobile environment, as well as remote alerts, which Medtronic says will allow for more real-time care plan adjustment capability.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved Connect device lets diabetics view insulin pump and glucose monitor data on a smartphone, and provides remote monitoring and text messages for caregivers. Medtronic will also be working with Glooko, which has a cloud-based diabetes management platform.
The Medtronic-Glooko partnership will allow Medtronic to integrate other health and wellness data sources, such as food, medication, fitness and biometric data with its CareLink platform. This data, combined with insight via the Connect diabetes data, will help patients manage the chronic condition. 
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