Thursday, 9 April 2015

FDA clears app to monitor brain health on the battlefield

After being tested in Afghanistan for use in military settings, the FDA has cleared the DANA (Defense Automated Neurobehavioral Assessment) mobile assessment tool for measuring reaction time. Reaction time can be a sign of brain injuries that are common on the battlefield such as concussion, dementia, post-traumatic stress and depression, says product developer AnthroTronix.
"In essence, measuring reaction time is like taking the temperature of the brain--like a 'Brain Thermometer'--and it is a vital part of the data that a health professional needs to evaluate their patient," said AnthroTronix CEO Corinna Lathan in a statement.

The app will be offered on the Android and iOS operating systems over either mobile phone or tablet. AnthroTronix says the tool's mobility allows it be used soon after events such as exposure to an improvised explosive device bomb blast.

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