Monday, 23 March 2015

Surgeon creates app to speed post-op recovery from knee procedures

A surgeon, who is also a start-up tech entrepreneur, has created an mHealth app aimed at helping patients be more informed about elective surgery recovery issues and having a quicker post-op recovery experience.
The My Recovery app, developed by orthopaedic surgeon Thomas Harte, helps patients take a proactive role in their care when recovering from procedures and strives to answer questions and quell concerns that arise in post-op scenarios. 

The video-focused interactive software initially zeros in on knee surgery recovery. A hospital stay for a knee replacement shouldn't go beyond three days, but Harte says many patients are hospitalized for five to seven days, and a big reason is that they're not prepared to handle recovery at home. The app, he believes, can shorten the hospital time while also building a patient's confidence regarding post-op surgery activity.

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 Written by Tim Ellis

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