Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Can robots help care for us as we age?

In fifteen years there will 50% more over 65s than there are today, and the proportion of older people in our society will continue to grow for some time after that.  The 2013 House of Lords report Ready for Ageing?  looked at the likely consequences of this on-going demographic shift and stated the problem plainly: “The UK population is ageing rapidly, but the Government and our society are woefully underprepared”. 

On 5th March politicians from all parties will appear at an event in London, organised by the Guardian newspaper, to explain their policies for addressing the ageing challenge.  I hope they offer some ambitious proposals: the status quo is not an option.

 The Ready for Ageing Alliance, a coalition of charities and think-tanks, has already produced its eleven-point manifesto for action.  Its focus is primarily on what we as individuals can do to meet the coming challenge, emphasising healthy living, active lifestyle, saving for retirement, forward planning, being part of social networks, staying positive. 

Of course we can each play our part, but that won’t solve the problem. Our pension, health and social care systems are already under severe strain. How will they cope as the pressure mounts?

Blog entry written by Dr Tony Prescott

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