Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Report published in NIHR Journals Library. Secondary Analysis and Literature Review of Community Rehabilitation and Intermediate Care: an Information Resource

This research was led by Professor Pamela Enderby and DrSteven Ariss (ScHARR, RAT Group), and was based on a reanalysis of a merged data set from two previous intermediate care (IC) projects in order to identify patient characteristics associated with outcomes. The combined data set contained data on 8070 patient admissions, from 32 IC teams across England and included details of the service context, costs, staffing/skill mix (800 staff), patient health status and outcomes.

The research objectives were: (1) To identify those patients most likely to benefit from IC and those who would be best placed to receive care elsewhere; (2) to examine the effectiveness of different models of IC; (3) to explore the differences between IC service configurations and how they have changed over time; and (4) to use the findings above to develop accessible evidence to guide service commissioning and monitoring.

The full report and summaries are available from volume 3(1) the NIHR Journals Library website.

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