Friday, 30 January 2015

Accepted for publication at Med-e-tel 2015 conference in April...

“Generic Evaluation Guidelines for Digital Technologies for People Living with Dementia” Peter Cudd and Philip Joddrell

There are plans to work towards nationally and/or international agreed guidelines on appropriate approaches to evaluating digital technologies across populations of people living with dementia - i.e. carers and people with dementia.

“Fostering Digital Health Innovation and Research Adoption: An Example Involving Occupational Therapists (in Sheffield)” Peter Cudd, Laura Evans and Sally Fowler-Davis

Researchers in eHealth, telehealth etc often ponder how do they get more clinical staff to be open to and indeed adopt use of digital solutions within their services. One inference is that clinical staff are averse to adoption of digital technologies. This paper reports some of the experience and findings in a case study around one clinical profession engaging in considering use of digital technology in their practice.

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