Thursday, 11 December 2014

Researching the lives of people living with dementia: innovative methodologies

Becky Field, a researcher from the RAT group,  attended a fascinating and stimulating seminar called ‘Researching the lives of people living with dementia: innovative methodologies’ on 14th November 2014. This was part of the 'Representation of Older People in Ageing Research' seminar series run jointly by the Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies (CABS) at The Open University, and the Centre for Policy on Ageing (CPA). This seminar series examines both traditional and innovative methodological approaches to ageing research.   

Becky listened to Dr Richard Ward 'Negotiating (the) neighbourhood: doing research into the social and physical environment with carers of people with dementia' ; Sarah Campbell presenting 'Embodying life story work: ‘Multi-sensory appearance biographies’; Dr Hannah Zeilig presenting 'Mark Making: methodologies' and Dr Jenni Brooks and Nada Savitch presenting 'Researching life story work: ethics and processes'. All were  thought provoking, giving great examples of how they carried out their projects, how they involved people living with dementia, and the staff who care for them in their research, as well as some of the challenges.

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