Wednesday, 4 June 2014

New and flexible telehealth service to be trialled in Surrey: June, 2014

Have you ever pondered about mental healthcare services and how they aren't for everybody? For example, you are severely depressed or even have a condition that prevents you from even going outside. So you are asked to go to a clinician in a hospital... sounds quite unfair does it not?

Well, if this is you and you live in North West Surrey it could be your lucky day! There will be a new telehealth technology that offers more flexible treatment options including treatment from patient homes. This is the first time a technology like this for this purpose has been trialled in the UK. It will be launched in June, 2014 and was developed by Surrey and Boarders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Medvivo (telehealth specialists). It is being sponsored by Surrey County Council Clinical Commissioning Groups.

To find out more about this exciting change, please click here.

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