Thursday, 15 May 2014

Google's 1st European Doctoral Workshop on Speech Technology - London

RAT Group's Sid Sehgal recently attended Google's 1st European Doctoral Workshop on Speech Technology in London. The workshop was entirely funded by Google. It was a two day workshop, which was highly interactive and technologically rewarding. The workshop dealt with some of the complex strategies and challenges in the field of Large Scale Automatic Speech Recognition. Google was pretty open in discussing about the state-of-the-art techniques adopted by them and equally reciprocated any suggestions put forth by the attendees. 

There were dedicated tech talks by Google heads and senior researchers followed by round table interactions to discuss current and future challenges in Large Scale ASR. Tech talks primarily focused on important advancements and issues in the field of Acoustic Modelling, Signal Processing, Language & Pronunciation Modelling, Text-to-Speech Synthesis, Text Normalisation and Conversational Searches. 

There was also a poster presentation on both the days and overall this workshop very aptly facilitated a conducive environment for exchange of ideas and work between the attendees and the Google researchers and engineers.

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