Friday, 20 December 2013

Starting Motor Project comes to an end

The Starting Motor Project, a feasibility study, which was a collaboration of three of the CLAHRC-SY themes- Telehealthand Care Technology (TaCT), Obesity and Diabetes-in partnership with the Nutrition Unit of the University of Sheffield, has ended in December, 2013.The aim of the study was to investigate the use of a motivational mobile digital device (Aipermotion 500) as part of a weight loss intervention for obese or overweight people with diabetes.
Aipermotion 500

27 obese/overweight people with diabetes participated in the mixed methods study for 16 weeks. These people were randomized into three groups: Education on diet and exercise, Education and device employed in self –management and Education and device employed with extra motivational support.

Being a feasibility study, we were able to conclude that:

  •  A randomised controlled trial of mobile digital technology for overweight people with diabetes is feasible.
  • Technology was acceptable to this population as shown in their high level of adherence to the device and from feedback at focus group sessions.
  • Technology was seen to be a motivational tool for increase in exercise and diet-control.
  • Overall, after 3 months of using the intervention, over 30% of the intervention arm participants lost a clinically significant amount of weight, while over 65% of the intervention arms had a significant decrease in blood glucose levels.

Some of quotes below are what participants had to say about the Aipermotion 500:

‘oh there wasn’t just one (feature liked) I mean the reward system was good, if you didn’t have a particularly good day, to see those red steps come up, oh dear that’s not very good at all (laughs), must try better!’

‘the device is brilliant….its really in the last year changed me round…thank you…I’ve lost quite a bit of weight now…had to buy new clothes, it’s cost me a fortune!’

We are in the process of writing academic papers and applying for more funding for the next stage, ‘Driving Motor’ which will be a pilot study. We have support from CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber and are looking for EU partners for Horizon 2020 funding.

For further information please contact Dr Peter Cudd (University of Sheffield)

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