Wednesday, 11 September 2013

RAT group seminar on Agile Software Development

Image of Dr Jochen Farwer
Dr Jochen Farwer
This week provided an opportunity for the RAT group to learn more about Agile Software Development. This is a method that has, at its centre, user-requirement gathering and an iterative process of development with the aim of creating a quality, flexible product that will be able to adapt and fulfil user needs which is so central to the research in the RAT group.

The seminar was given by Dr Jochen Farwer, who currently works on the SMART2 project and was well attended by both technical and non-technical members of the group. It highlighted some of the key issues of working in interdisciplinary teams to build technology and it is hoped that some of the key features of this process will be implemented in current and future technology projects.

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