Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Age UK’s “Improving Later Life. Understanding the Oldest Old” report available

Age UK has put together a report focussing on the lives of people over 85, bringing together international expert opinion to discuss challenges and issues faced along with the opportunities encountered and outlook on life taken by this population.

The RAT group’s Professor Gail Mountain is amongst the experts providing opinion and discussing research evidence on the life and health of the oldest old. Her key messages, as identified in the report, are based on previous and current research, including work done within the KT-Equal consortium and PLINY (Putting Life IN Years):

·      “Current assumptions and preconceptions about the inability of the oldest old to use the latest technology need to be challenged – everyone can use technology if they are adequately and consistently supported to do so.

·      As technology develops, even the oldest of us are beginning to use `mainstream’ devices, possibly reducing the need for specialist telecare products in the future”

The full report is available to download here on the Age UK website.

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