Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Research Brokerage: Arctic Style

Jack in Skelleftea
Two Research Associates from the RAT group, Katherine Easton and Jack Parker, recently completed a study trip to Sweden as part of ongoing research brokerage for the RICHARD Project (Regional ICT based Cluster for Healthcare Applications and R&D Integration). The RICHARD Project is a €2,750,000 European Commission Seventh Framework Programme funded partnership between 15 partners involving industry, academia, the health service and local government across 4 European clusters: Italy, United Kingdom, Sweden and Poland. The project has been established in order to promote new, or enhance already existing sustainable ICT-based territorial clinical models, applied to the management of chronic conditions.

Katherine in Skelleftea
The event, held in Skelleftea, was hosted by RICHARD partners Umea University and Explizit AB and focused on developing research proposals around the theme of Serious Gaming for long term conditions. Discussion and debate at the event was stimulating and ultimately extremely productive, as Katherine and Jack left as part of a new consortium on Serious Gaming.

Keep your eyes peeled for a research brokerage update very soon as we hold the UK Research Brokerage event on the 17th and 18th April, 2013 in Sheffield.

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