Wednesday, 13 March 2013

TaCT theme team present telehealth research at Rotherham Hospital lunchtime lecture series

On Friday 15th February, Dr Alison Orrell, Dr Jack Parker, Claire Bentley and Lauren Powell presented at the Rotherham Hospital lunchtime lecture series. They introduced the Telehealth and Care technologies (TaCT) theme of the South Yorkshire Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) and discussed some research that is being conducted within the group.
 Dr Alison Orrell began the meeting by introducing what Telehealth is, where it can be most useful and who can benefit from it. Claire Bentley then talked about the “square peg, round hole” problem with adopting a Randomised Controlled Trial methodology when testing aspects of telehealth. Dr Jack Parker then introduced the SMART Rehabilitation Technology System. This is a system that is used in rehabilitation with Stroke patients. Lastly, Lauren Powell introduced the “Ready Steady Go” Telehealth Implementation Toolkit (Brownsell and Ellis, 2012) and the research, which aims to test the validation and usability of the toolkit.  The “Ready Steady Go” Toolkit can be downloaded via the following website:
Lauren also announced that we are currently recruiting individuals, NHS or otherwise, with a background or a knowledge of telehealth. Participants do not have to be experts and would only be asked to participate in a telephone interview, at their convenience, that lasts up to 45 minutes. Volunteers are still welcome and are encouraged to call Lauren if they would like further details. 
Lauren Powell (Research Assistant): Tel: 0114 222 8275 Email:

[written by Lauren Powell]

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