Wednesday, 13 February 2013

CATCH - New name and New faces

CATCH is the new name for our Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare and there are several new additions to the CATCH team.

Abigail Millings joins CATCH as a Lecturer based within the Department of Psychology. Abigail is a social psychologist with a background in relationship psychology and experience in the digital healthcare industry. Her research is focused on understanding how people interact with technology and using this knowledge to improve healthcare interventions. In her previous role at Ultrasis UK Limited ( Abigail was involved in producing an internet application to help provide cognitive behavioural therapy to people with depression.

Arlene Astell is a new Professor at CATCH based within the School of Health and Related Research. Arlene is a clinical psychologist and her research is concerned with developing technology-based interventions to support people as they age and live well with conditions such as dementia. NANA ( is a recent project, which is developing a system to help older people stay well nourished by monitoring and informing them of their food and drink intake. The COBALT project (Challenging Obstacles and Barriers to Assistive Living Technologies - is working with older adults and staff in health and social care organisations to identify the factors that inhibit the adoption of novel technologies, with the aim of helping industry, commissioners and service providers improve current and future technologies.

Corinne Wills joins CATCH as Centre Assistant, her role involves supporting CATCH as it grows including developing our marketing activities.

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