Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Supervised Care and Rehabilitation Involving Personal Tele-robotics: SCRIPT project

The SCRIPT team, including Professor Gail Mountain and Dr. Nasrin Nasr

 The SCRIPT project employs an interdisciplinary research design to examine the potential of robot-mediated technology for the home-based rehabilitation of hand and wrist following stroke. SCRIPT aims to develop an understanding of the users of such technology, their needs and the social and personal context of use through applying a user-centred design approach. Additionally, the usability of such devices will be tested by using participatory design techniques to inform and improve design in an iterative process.

The project is funded partially by the European Commission under the seventh framework programme for research and technological development. It started in November 2012 and will run for 36 months with collaborating partners from the United Kingdom (the University of Sheffield, University of Hertfordshire), Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. The kickoff meeting was hosted by the project coordinator at the University of Hertfordshire. The following meeting was held in Rome hosted by the San Raffaele S.p.A. The SCRIPT partners will be meeting at the Robotics for Neuro-rehabilitation: The COST European Network Conference at the University of Southampton on 19th March.

The University of Sheffield leads the Work Package 1: User-driven system development framework. By applying a mix of social and health services research and User-centred design, people with stroke, their family carers and stroke professionals as the potential users of robotic rehabilitation technology will be consulted during the formative and summative evaluations to test the usability as well as to assess the effectiveness of such devices.

[written by Nasrin Nasr]

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