Wednesday, 21 March 2012

ScHARR's inaugural lectures

Stuart Parker, Gail Mountain & Mark Hawley
At the School of Health and Related Research, of which the RAT research group is  part, we have a series of inaugural lectures  in which our professors share their expertise. It's always interesting to attend and get an overview of the diverse work we do in ScHARR.

At the end of February, it was the turn of Health Economics Professor Ben van Hout's turn to present on the fascinating subject of 'who shall not live?' His work made us all think about the balance between value of the individual life and rationalise treatment costs in health care to treat as many people as possible and ensure quality of life.

Ben is originally from the Netherlands, where there is a great tradition for all academics to put on their graduation robes to attend inaugural lectures. So here's Professors Stuart Parker, Gail Mountain and Mark Hawley from the RAT group looking very smart and colourful in the robes of the Universities of Newcastle, Leeds and Sheffield.

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