Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Centre for Assistive Technology and Digital Healthcare to be established by University of Sheffield

One of the exciting announcements that we can make in 2012 is that The University of Sheffield is establishing a Centre for Assistive Technology and Digital Healthcare. This will be a focus for research into technology for people with disabilities, older people and people with long-term conditions.

The Centre will bring together and co-ordinate the input of more than 30 research and clinical scientists with a range of expertise in healthcare, engineering, social science and science, and will additionally invest substantially in a dedicated multi-disciplinary research team working within an innovative ‘living lab’ environment. The Centre will work closely with industry, with the NHS, social care organisations and with users.

The Centre will specialise in areas of personalised healthcare and personal independence. The aim being to assist people to live independently at home for longer without need for hospitalisation or care institutionalisation. Areas covered include assisted living, assistive technology, telehealth, telemonitoring, telecare and telerehabilitation. The Centre encompasses expertise and experience to cover activities across the spectrum, including: identifying healthcare and user needs; carrying out research into future technology; user-centred design and development of prototypes; evaluation in ‘living lab’ and patient/user groups; large-scale trials and health economics; supporting and studying implementation in the NHS.

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